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Care Homes Service

What is the Service?

The Care Homes Service Team is commissioned to support care homes on medicines management issues, involving auditing medication policies and procedures within the care home, liaising with senior staff to agree action plans, offering advice and support regarding procurement, receipt, storage, administration and the safe disposal of medication in accordance with the standards of the Care Quality Commission. This has resulted in a reduction in the amount of waste medicines in the care homes.

Additionally the care home pharmacist conducts clinical medication reviews, with access to surgery records for patients in care homes. The clinical review ensures the medicines used are optimised for each patient, helping to reduce/avoid medication related falls, identifying and correcting adverse drug reactions as well improving patient adherence to medication. Currently these reviews are focused on patients recently discharged from hospital to a care home setting.

Aim of Service

  • To support care homes to achieve the highest standards of medicines management in line with CQC Guidance and Inspection procedure.
  • To identify patients within care homes who have recently been discharged and provide a clinical medication review for them to optimise their use of medicines.

Service Referral - How to Refer and Criteria

  • All care homes in the NHS Hull area can freely access the audit service
  • All patients in a care home setting in the NHS Hull area can receive a clinical medication review from the care homes pharmacist

Expected Outcomes for the Service

  • Improved quality of care for patients in care homes setting

Contact and Availability

For further information on this service please contact:

Barbara Jeffery
Care Homes Medicines Management Technician
Medicines Service
01482 344151