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Reablement Services

We are a community based service run in partnership with the local authority that delivers health and social care with a focus on short-term rehabilitation in someone's own home or in a community bedded facility which can help with early discharge from hospital. We support for patients who need rehabilitation for illness-related conditions or after an injury. 

The team includes occupational therapists, physiotherapists, therapy assistants, nurses, health care assistants, pharmacists and social workers who are supported by wider health professionals such as a consultant in elderly medicine.

Highfield Residential Unit:

Highfield is a residential bedded unit in Sutton with 21 reablement beds. Care is provided by a team of consultants, nurses, therapists, pharmacist and social workers.

The service is a step between hospital and home, helping patients learn to manage before returning home. Patients also receive community-based nursing and therapy support for a short period after being discharged from Highfield.

Referrals for Highfield Reablement Service can be made by any health or social care professional. Referrals can be taken over the phone or by filling in a referral form which is available on request by ringing the service  on 01482 336505.

Thornton Court Reablement Flats:

Thornton court is a traditional sheltered accommodation that provides a safe environment that is similar to home with quick and timely access to health and social care. The service is therapy-led and comprises of 21 individual flats where care assistants are available 24 hours a day.

Thornton Court provides support for people following a hospital admission and helps to prevent them going into hospital or residential care unecessarily. The service provides rehabilitation to enable people to live as independently as possible.

Referrals for Thornton Court Reablement services can be made by any health or social care professionals working in the hospital or community. Referrals can be made by Phone or by completing a referral form which is available on request by ringing the Thornton Court Reablement team on 01482 331505.

Referral criteria to the Reablement services are as follows:

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Age group 18yrs and above.
  • Has a Hull GP.
  • Medically Stable and willing to participate in rehabilitation programme.
  • Has an exit plan and a discharge destination suitable for their rehabilitation needs.
  • Planned admission within designated hours- not an emergency service.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Patients who lack capacity to make an informed decision.
  • Patients where rehabilitation is unlikely to have an effect.