Friends and Family Test

Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family test is being used across NHS services to ask patients about their care and treatment, the test is a simple way of finding out if people are happy with our services or if there is anything that we can improve. The Friends and Family test was initially used in hospitals and acute settings, but is now being used in community based services.

In 2013 CHCP CIC piloted the Friends and Family test in six areas: Evolve eating disorders, DVT, pain management, community gynaecology, minor injuries and GP out of hours. From 1st October 2014 we have rolled out the Friends and Family test across all of our community NHS services.

The Friends and Family test asks patients how likely they would be to recommend the service to their friends and family, if they required similar treatment. There is also an opportunity for patients to give a little bit more detail on what was good about the service and what can be improved.

If you have received one of our services recently and would like to complete our Friends and Family test, you can do so by visiting



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