Wellbeing Service

Wellbeing Service

This service aims to address the physical health inequalities experienced by people with a learning disability, to raise awareness of these issues, reduce stigma and increase social inclusion.

The Wellbeing Service works in partnership with primary and secondary health care services, voluntary organisations and health promotion, to promote annual health checks for people in Hull who have learning disabilities.

Ground Floor, Elliott Chappell
215 Hessle Road

Tel. (01482) 347954

The Team

Suzanne Nichols – Wellbeing Nurse – Suzanne.nichols@nhs.net

Dawn McDougall – Wellbeing Admin – dawnmcdougall@nhs.net

Graham North – Wellbeing Volunteer – grahamnorth@nhs.net

Colleen Hemsworth & Hayley Sharpe – Wellbeing Volunteers

Tel: 01482 347954