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Access to Records

About your health record

Your healthcare record contains important clinical information, which may need to be accessed by the healthcare professionals involved in your care. Under the Data Protection Act 2018, you have the right to see or obtain a copy of your health records by formally requesting a copy in writing.

Your health records are confidential and members of your family are not allowed to see them, unless you give them written permission, or they have power of attorney.

Types of health record

Health records take many forms and can be on paper or electronic. Different types of health record include:

  • consultation notes, which your GP takes during an appointment
  • hospital admission records, including the reason you were admitted to hospital
  • the treatment you will receive and any other relevant clinical and personal information
  • hospital discharge records, which will include the results of treatment and whether any follow-up appointments or care are required
  • test results
  • X-rays
  • photographs
  • image slides, such as those produced by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerised tomography (CT) scanner

Accessing your health record

A formal request to obtain a copy of your health record, which is held by City Health Care Partnership CIC, should be done by completing the application form below and sending it to:

The Information Governance Team
City Health Care Partnership CIC
5 Beacon Way

Click here for the application form to access personal health records.

You may be refused access to some, or all of your health records undercertain circumstances, such as if a healthcare professional believes that the information would cause serious harm to the mental or physical health of you or any other person, or if giving access would make known, information relating to, or provided by, a third person without their permission.

* in some instances, a charge may be applicable.