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Research Training

A key requirement for anyone involved with the conduct of clinical research is Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training.

GCP outlines the ethical and practical standards to which all research in the UK is conducted.

GCP protects the rights, safety and wellbeing of study participants

Compliance with GCP assures patients and the public that the rights, safety and wellbeing of people taking part in studies are protected and that research data is reliable.

GCP is mandatory for research staff involved with clinical trials using investigational products (CTIMPs) It is recommended that team members leading and delivering research complete, as a minimum, the Introduction to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course (online or face-to-face).  This should be followed by additional specialist courses where appropriate (e.g. Informed Consent) and regular GCP Refresher training.

Research team members who undertake limited duties working to well defined instructions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) may find locally delivered NIHR short courses and training aids more appropriate.  This should be discussed with the Chief Investigator of the study.

How to register for GCP courses

All courses are free and available to NHS, UK universities, and other publicly funded organisations conducting and supporting clinical research. You can access GCP courses via the learning platform NIHR Learn.