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Get involved with research

We want to make it as simple as possible for our patients, services users and carers to get involved in research.

Research helps to provide a better understanding of conditions and you can participate in research in lots of different ways.

We have identified some research opportunities from People in Research below.

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Members of the Public Involvement and Engagement Group will be collaborators on the research projects and will advise the studies including commenting on project activities, priorities, methods, ethical issues, use of plain English, and communication plans. This list is not exhaustive, and the nature of the involvement will be determined through agreement between Programme academic leads and the PPI Group. Frequency and format of meetings will also be agreed. See attached for further details.

29th January 2020 to 19th February 2020

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Reviewing Opportunity for Health and Care Research Wales - Health and Care Research Wales

We are starting to recruit for public reviewers for our Research for Patient and Public Benefit (RfPPB), Social Care Research Grant and Health Research Fellowship Awards call,  which are open now.

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity or would like more information, please email us :

17th October 2019 to 23rd December 2020

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Preventing surgical wound infection after cardiac surgery: opportunity for research - Cardiothoracic Interdisciplinary Research Network (CIRN) 

Wound infection following cardiac surgery ranges from a mild infection to a life-threating complication. Our ambition is to co-design a study to reduce wound infections and we are inviting patients (not just cardiac surgical!) to take part. We are at the very start of the research stage and your involvement will help shape the direction of involvement but as a guide involvement would include completing 3-4 surveys (the questionnaire would be emailed or posted) and attendance at two (2) workshops (currently pencilled in for January and May, with venue either in London or Leicester) and coordinated by the Cardiothoracic Interdisciplinary Research Network (CIRN)

17th October 2019 to 1st May 2020

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NIHR London In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative - Join our Lay Advisory Group

Are you interested in health research involving the design, utility and cost-effectiveness of new diagnostic tests in the NHS? We have an exciting opportunity to become a member of our Lay Advisory Group. We are looking for members who could provide critical and constructive feedback to join us. You will be an active member of our Advisory Group and bring your experience as patient/carer representing patient voice in our decision-making process.

2nd October 2019 to 14th November 2020

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HealthLumen - Lay members required for communicating personalised risk of disease

The link between health behaviour and chronic disease is well established, however translating risk of disease based on unhealthy behaviours is difficult at an individual level.

We’re looking for a lay members to input into the development and design of the predictive tool. The tool will predict a person’s likelihood of disease based on their unhealthy behaviours. This will be integrated within GP systems and provide visuals as a way of better communicating disease risk e.g. red for high risk.

22nd August 2019 to 30th October 2020

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Public Health England - Fetal and neonatal varicella surveillance study proposal

We are proposing a surveillance study to identify cases of neonatal chickenpox contracted during pregnancy or in the first month of life. This information is important for guiding discussions regarding introduction of a chickenpox vaccine.

The proposed study would be run through the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit.

We are seeking input regarding our study materials to ensure they are written in a clear understandable way. This can be done via email/teleconference.

28th August 2019 to 28th July 2020

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Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds - Measuring quality of life for patients with cataracts and age-related macular degeneration

We are looking for people with experience of cataract surgery or age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) to help us with a research project on how to measure the impact of vision on quality of life with cataracts and ARMD.

No previous research experience is needed. You would help us understand the patient perspective and look at the quality of life issues that matter most to people with cataracts/ARMD.

You would attend meetings, either in person or via phone, and review project documents.

12th September 2019 to 1st November 2020

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Impact of the Soft Drink Levy - University of Cambridge

You will be asked to take part in three telephone interviews, (never less than six months apart), with each interview lasting approximately 30 minutes. You will provide insights on:

• Your perspective on the tax and its potential impacts on health
• Your thoughts on why the tax might influence soft drink purchases


Must be 18 years or older

Must drink soft drinks

Must have an opinion on the soft drink levy

Closing date: 1 March 2020

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Integrate ENT - Nose Bleed Treatment Research

They are looking for people who have a personal experience or understanding of current nose bleed treatments in the UK. They are setting up a study to look at different treatment methods for nosebleeds that do not stop on their own.

You will be required to provide your input throughout the study with focus groups but also opinions on study materials and literature.


They would be interested in anyone who has experienced having their nose ‘packed’, or have been involved and understand the process.

Payment and Expenses

Payment will be made depending on the role, and expenses will be paid.

Closing date: 15 July 2020

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UK Based Public Advisory Group for the Global Surgery Unit

What does the study involve?

The Global Surgery Unit is looking for individuals from Mexico, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia, Benin, South Africa, India, The Philippines and Egypt to join a UK-based Advisory Group.


- You must be from Mexico, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia, Benin, South Africa, India, The Philippines or Egypt.

- You must have an interest in surgical care and knowledge of the healthcare system in one of the above mentioned countries is essential.

- Good written and spoken English.

- Good communication skills.

- Excellent team working skills.

- Ability to follow instructions and work autonomously.

Payment and Expenses

Payment and expenses will be made in line with INVOLVE guidelines.

Closing date: 15 August 2020

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Review for the Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) Programme

This study is for people who have a liver transplant to review an application for funding.

The study is particularly interested in assessing the benefits of a home-based exercise programme before and after liver transplant.


You must have had a liver transplant.

Payment and Expenses

Payment of £125 will be made.

Closing date: 25 August 2020

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