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Social Accounts

We produce Social Accounts every year to show the social impact we’ve made, from providing services that meet a real need to ‘giving something back’ through our Foundation charity, partnership working, sponsorship of sports teams and use of local suppliers.

Our Social Accounts are compiled and audited by independent social accountants and show how our social investment strategy makes an impact on our local community. They also measure the amount of ‘social value’ we are creating, not just for the people who use our services but for everyone who lives in the areas where we work.

Social Accounts 2019-2020 showed that for every £1 spent, CHCP CIC creates £63.11 of social value, which is measured by asking recipients of services, grants and sponsorship (among others) how much value they would ascribe to what they have received.

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Social Accounts 2017/18

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Social Accounts 2018/19 (summary)

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