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Employee Ownership

City Health Care Partnership CIC is an employee owned organisation, similar to the model that companies such as the John Lewis Partnership works to, but yet different in its own right.

What is Employee Ownership?

Employee Ownership is when a business is fully or part owned by the employees themselves. The business model aims to give staff a sense of belonging, accountability and the right to have a say about the running of the organisation along with future plans and opportunities. City Health Care Partnership is a co-owned organisation that gives all permanent staff the opportunity to purchase a £1 share, that brings with it the opportunity to get involved.

The principles of employee ownership are closely aligned to those of a social enterprise and therefore this is the perfect business model for City Health Care Partnership CIC.

City Health Care Partnership CIC is a member of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA). The EOA plays an active role in promoting employee ownership as a de facto standard for the development of social enterprises

To find out more about co-ownership or to read more about the EOA, visit