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Permissions and Approvals

What PERMISSIONS and APPROVALS does Research require within CHCP?

All research conducted within CHCP is in accordance with the Health Research Authority Framework for Health & Social Care

The permissions or approvals will depend on the type of research that you are undertaking.

Before you begin the formal process of applying for permissions and approvals

In all instances the feasibility of whether the research can be conducted in a service MUST be discussed with the appropriate service lead or manager and their ‘approval in principle’ must be assured.

You are advised to contact CHCP’s Research Approval Group at the earliest opportunity to inform of your proposed research and someone will advise of the organisations governance requirements in order to gain Site Permission to commence the study.

Applying for approvals

Most applications to regulatory review bodies can be made via the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) which provides a single system for applying for permissions and approvals for health and social care/community care research in the UK.

By completing the IRAS checklist of questions, the system will generate the forms that you need to complete based on your responses this may include: -

  • Research Ethics Committee (REC)
  • Site Specific Information (SSI) Form
  • NHS Research & Development (R&D) Form
  • Portfolio Adoption (PAF) Form

When completing the SSI form please contact CHCP Research Approval Group for site specific details to support your ethics application.

Guidance for researchers undertaking a project as part of their academic study

City Health Care Partnership CIC requires assurance that all student dissertations and thesis have the appropriate level of supervision provided by their university and that the proposal has been reviewed by the university’s research supervisor and/or module leader.

Issues, such as need for ethical and organisational approval should have been identified and managed via the university supervision procedures as laid down in the student handbook.

The university will advise whether the study is exempt from the need for Ethical Approval and advise whether a National Research Ethics Committee (NREC) review is necessary in addition or in place of the established university ethics review procedure.