News: Hear how Mel made a change in her career

25 August, 2017
Hear how Mel made a change in her career

Mel Haynes, an Occupational Therapist, came to work at City Health Care Partnership (CHCP CIC) in August 2017. Working in the Community Rehab Team in Hull with patients who have physical and neurological conditions.

With CHCPs forward thinking approach, Mel is particularly impressed with the organisation’s responsiveness to new ideas. Hear more about how Mel is looking forward to making a difference.

What were your first impressions of CHCP?

“My first impressions of working with CHCP have all been very positive. All new staff were invited to a ‘Welcome meeting’, which was attended by members of staff and the Chief Exec, Andrew Burnell. We learned how the organisation was developed, how it has grown, and its relationship with the CCG, which I believe is positive.

It was interesting to hear about Andrew’s clinical background, and also, how the organisation functions differently to the NHS, although we are still providing services on behalf of the NHS.”

What do you like about working at CHCP?

“I’ve noticed so far that the organisation seem to be very responsive to ideas and questions and their wheels seem to turn fairly quickly.

I’ve been impressed with CHCP’s approach to technology, as equipment is up to date, and allows clinicians to work more flexibly.”

Have you settled in with your new team?

“The people within the organisation who I have met so far, have all seemed friendly and very approachable. I feel reassured by the management that CHCP are keen to develop and promote the role of Allied Health Professionals within CHCP, now that there are so many of us working for the organisation.”

What has been your experience with training and progression so far?

“With regards to training, I’ve already been offered a fully funded place at a National Conference, which I’m looking forward to attending.”

Overall, how do you feel about working for CHCP, after your first month in the job?

“So far, I feel positive about working for CHCP, and I hope to be able to contribute towards making their Therapy Services an excellent place to work.” 

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