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Dipping the scales across Hull and East Riding as 100 stone is lost across the region!

07 May, 2010

Visitors to the site, which is provided by City Health Care Partnership (NHS Hull’s Provider Services) have been registering for the free, online weight loss programme, which was developed by a team of local healthcare professionals, and offers a 24 week personalised programme designed to support members and help them achieve realistic weight loss goals.

To date, there have been over 1000 registrations since 1 January 2010 and an astounding combined weight loss of over 100 stone!

Registering on the site could not be easier. After filling out a simple form giving details on your weight and height, your current BMI (body mass index) is calculated. The initial weightloss target is then set as the first goal for you to work towards. The website also tracks weightloss achievements on a graph to keep users motivated by showing their progress and milestones.

Members monitor their meals and food intake either through a points system, or by portion size. By giving more flexibility in the choice of programme people are able to incorporate a healthier way of living into their day to day life.

The programme is based on a healthy lifestyle, and not, like many diets, on radical dietary changes for a short term, unsustainable weight loss. It is very much about promoting and improving day to day choices on food and exercise, so members have no need to worry about feeling hungry or missing out food groups altogether.

Each week members are sent personalised emails containing food and activity diaries, along with additional details of how to incorporate physical activity into everyday life, and suggestions and tips for developing a healthier lifestyle as the programme runs.

Amy Stephenson, Specialist Public Health Services, City Health Care Partnership (NHS Hull Provider Services) said: “We know what works and can guarantee success if people stick to the programme. It can be accessed from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. All you need to get started is access to the internet and a set of scales.”

One mother and son team who are already seeing astonishing results from using the website are Jean and Andy Higginbottom from Anlaby.

Jean a self confessed serial dieter saw a leaflet about the website on 6 January; by the 7 January she had registered on the site and had begun her new healthy eating plan.

“I have tried so many diets before and they have all had forbidden foods. The ‘ready to loose weight’ programme offers me much more choice and variety and I am losing weight and feeling great!”

I have a much better relationship with food now, I don’t have binge days anymore as the website has helped me think about portion sizes instead of completely depriving myself of certain things, I now just have them in smaller amounts.”

I have spent so much money on diets and slimming plans, and none have worked better than this one and it’s completely free!”

Jean, 58, works at a residential home and her working day follows a shift pattern.

“I have tried a diet where you where meant to eat when you where hungry. It’s not really possible with the work I do; I can’t stop caring for someone to have a snack. 

I have a great goal to aim for, my pearl wedding is coming up and I would like to be able to wear something really special for that. I have a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit. My daughter got married last year and I followed a fad diet to slim down, but I was not able to continue with it after the wedding as you do feel like you are depriving yourself. The website food programme is about looking at portions not about restricting what you can eat so I know it will mean I can manage my weight after I have reached my target.”

Jean quickly encouraged son Andy, 27, to sign up for the programme too. Andy had never tried any diet before, but six weeks after registering has already lost an incredible 14lbs (a stone.)

Of the website he said:

“Its brilliant, the forum really helps as you are able to talk to other people and share your experiences so you feel like you have lots of people supporting you.”

The way I think about food has really changed in the six weeks I have been using the website. I never knew my body could not make some of the things found in oily fish, and I never used to eat it before, now I make sure its part of my diet.”

Working shifts, I would normally eat a bag of crisps, now the website is helping me to think about snacking and instead of reaching for a packet of crisps, I am taking nuts and seeds to work.”

The biggest change I have noticed is that I think about food in a different way. I think much more about portion size. It’s not really a diet, it’s about making better choices with food and being more active. I already need to buy some new jeans after just six weeks!”

Jean Higgenbottom has also encouraged her two daughter’s in–law and two colleagues from work to register on the site and they all are already enjoying the same weight loss successes as Jean and Andy.

City Health Care Partnership (NHS Hull Provider Services) is overjoyed at the initial success of the website based programme, and is hoping to see more and more people register to share in the success that current members are enjoying.

Amy Stephenson said:

“In Hull and the East Riding obesity is at the forefront of health issues. It can cause long term physical and psychological effects to anyone who has to live with being overweight. The most important thing to remember about this programme is that it is not just a resolution that started for the members on New Year’s Day. People are registering all the time and at their convenience, not at a pre arranged time like with other weight loss groups, and it’s completely free to access the programme, which means it suits all budgets and lifestyles!”

 Anyone wanting to access the revolutionary weightloss service simply has to go to