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Mason's Teddy Appeal

31 January, 2019

Children visiting the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) at Bridlington & District Hospital, run by City Health Care Partnership CIC, will be offered ‘free’ teddy bears as part of the national ‘Teddies for Loving Care Appeal’ (TLC). The TLC Appeal is an appeal to raise funds to purchase small teddy bears which will be provided to the children, free of charge for the child to keep. The teddies were very generously donated by the Masons of St John of Bridlington Lodge, as part of a national campaign by Freemasons at Accident and Emergency Departments (A&Es).


When children are first admitted into A&E units they are often very distressed, frightened, and in many cases, in considerable pain. By giving them a teddy bear to focus on when they first arrive, medical staff can then carry out their examinations and diagnostics checks more effectively and efficiently. This helps them to identify the problem and treat the patient quickly meaning they are likely to get better more quickly.


Anita Burnhill, Service Manager at Wolds View Primary Care Centre, said “We are so pleased with the teddies so generously provided by the Freemasons of St John of Bridlington Lodge, it makes so much difference to the children that may be in distress and pain when they arrive at the UTC”.