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Prepare for EU Exit

01 March, 2019


On 29 March 2019 the United Kingdom will leave the European Union (EU). Leaving will mean a number of changes that will affect businesses and individuals. Advice and guidance is available on all parts of the exit from the EU (known as Brexit) via the website. Here we have highlighted some of the key links based on the questions that we have been asked.

Information about EU Exit including the article 50 process, negotiations, and announcements about policy changes as a result of EU Exit is available on – EU Exit.

Prepare for EU Exit if you live in the UK

For information on preparing for the EU Exit go to – Prepare for EU Exit.

Prepare your business for the UK leaving the EU

To help prepare your business for the EU Exit go to – Prepare your business for the UK leaving the EU.

Preparing for changes at the UK border after a no deal EU exit: support for businesses preparing for day one if we leave the EU without a deal. Partnership pack

Additional guidance is available on – Find EU Exit guidance for your business.

Transport and driving

If you need guidance on transport go to – EU Exit guidance for transport.

Citizens’ rights and applying for settled and pre-settled status

If you are an EU citizen or a family member of an EU citizen, you will may need to apply if you want to stay in the UK after 30 June 2021. This includes if you are married to a British citizen. For more information on this process go to – Settled status for EU citizens and families.


Guidance for industry and organisations involved in health and care about contingency plans for a no-deal exit from the EU is available at – Planning for a no deal EU Exit for the health and care sector.