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Well done, WeightWise!

01 December, 2017

Weightwise is Hull's Tier 3 Specialist Weight Management Service, commissioned by Hull CCG. Launched in April 2016, the service is designed to offer patients with morbid obesity a tailored programme of support delivered by a highly specialised team, helping them through the various nutritional, motivational, medical and psychological elements of their condition and creating the best possible chance to lose weight and improve their health in the long term. 

The team's approach to weight loss is based on looking at the ‘whole self’ and not just addressing the symptoms of obesity. All too often weight management services focus on the immediate end goal of weight loss, which can make  certain disorders such as binge eating worse.  By concentrating on regulating eating and avoiding frequent weighing, it's easier to achieve and maintain long term success. They work with patients to find their own goals and aspirations  and set a unique, personal holistic target that stretches beyond a target weight. 

Some patients have lost truly life changing amounts of weight; the very first patient to enter the service has lost 26% of their initial body weight so far and is no longer considering bariatric (weight loss) surgery. 

One patient said, “I have recently felt failed by the NHS but this has gone a long way to restoration.”

Dr Kamrudeen Mohammed, Consultant in Diabetes/Endocrinology at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust wrote: “An outstanding service combining the expertise of highly qualified personnel, providing exceptional management of all the numerous co-morbidities in a high risk population in which there was no structured care previously”

We are immensely proud of our Tier 3 Weightwise service and the team is united in supporting patients who enter the service with little hope, having failed numerous times to lose weight in the past, leaving hopeful, and there is nothing more rewarding than that!