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Enjoy Christmas the Why Weight? way

10 May, 2010

During Christmas and Boxing Day we will typically consume 7,000 calories, and on average we will put on around half a stone.  Here’s a few tips from Why Weight? to show you how to avoid piling on the weight, while still enjoying the festive period.

Breakfast: Never skip breakfast; a light meal will stop you reaching for the chocolates and biscuits.

Water: 6-8 glasses a day to keep you hydrated, curb your appetite and is a good cure for hangovers!

Plan: Plan your meals, make shopping lists, and don’t forget to buy fruit and vegetables for your 5 a day.

Drinking: Choose reduced sugar/no added sugar soft drinks. If drinking spirits, use Slimline mixers.

Exercise: Take lots of brisk walks to help burn those extra calories, aid digestion and help you feel refreshed and energised.

The team at Why Weight? provided by City Health Care Partnership (NHS Hull Provider Services) are here to help in the New Year with a set of programmes running across Hull.  Why Weight? is a weight loss programme based around healthy eating in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. During the course you will look at portion sizes, food labels, eating out and enjoy cooking and taste demonstrations which will show you how to cook delicious, nutritious food in a matter of minutes. You will also try different exercises and physical activities suited to your individual ability.

The courses below will be running for 10 weeks and have limited places available.

To book a place on a courses or for further information please call the Why Weight? team on 01482 344 046.  Details of further courses due to begin in February will be announced shortly.