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HeadStart Hull - an introduction to teen mental health

31 October, 2017

As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids, but it’s not always easy to know what that is. When children become teenagers, the pressures of puberty, exams and establishing independence are enough to put a strain on even the best family relationships. Add mental health issues to the mix and that’s a big challenge for any parent.

The stigma around mental health has meant that, until recent years, it has not been openly discussed. This means most people are uninformed on the subject and would be unsure how best to support their child with mental health issues. At HeadStart Hull, we are working to reduce the stigma around mental health and promote resilience amongst local young people. As part of this, we have been working closely with MindEd to provide accurate and useful information about mental health to local parents. We would encourage all local parents to visit the MindEd for Families website, which has lots of advice and guidance written especially for parents. Those wanting more detailed information about teen mental health, including which behaviours are part of normal adolescent development and which might be a cause for concern, can login above to view and complete our specially selected collection of e-Learning courses.

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