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Home Oxygen

What is the Service?

The Home Oxygen Assessment and follow up service is a community based service that assesses and follows up patients who require oxygen therapy.

Determining the correct oxygen provision is essential so that patients are treated for the right period of time and with appropriate flow rates of oxygen. Those who require oxygen therapy need an assessment and follow-up which will provide the patient with advice and support about living with oxygen.

The service is provided by a team of Respiratory Nurse Specialists, who have expertise in respiratory care and link closely with the Long Term Conditions Team, Community Respiratory Physiotherapists and the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team. The team will offer support and advice to the patient and their carers, providing continuity of care.

Aim of Service

The vision for the service is that all patients who have a clinical condition that necessitates the provision of oxygen therapy at home receive the right treatment at the right time in a timely and cost effective way.

Assessment of a patient’s need for oxygen therapy should be made by a health care professional with appropriate expertise, so that the patient’s health and quality of life is maximised, any risk is minimised, and the correct oxygen flow rates, daily duration and equipment are provided to meet their clinical needs.

Service Referral - How to Refer and Criteria

Referrals are only accepted from healthcare professionals in primary, community and secondary care. Patients being referred should meet the following criteria (BTS guidance):

  • Optimal medication prescribed.
  • Clinical stability for 5 weeks prior to assessment.
  • Consistent saturations <92% at rest for LTOT or exercise de-saturation for ambulatory oxygen.

The Service Provider will ensure that the referrer and/or the patients GP is informed in writing within 1 week, when either the results of the oxygen assessment are known or that patient fails to attend the assessment. Details of the results and subsequent recommended oxygen treatment regime should be included. This service is restricted to patients aged 18 and over.

Expected Outcomes

The Home Oxygen Service will provide the following benefits:

  • A reduction in inappropriate or over-prescribing of oxygen therapy.
  • A reduction in inappropriate hospital admissions (including emergency admissions).
  • A reduction in hospital bed days.
  • Reduced readmission rates.
  • A reduction in GP consultations.
  • Reduced clinical risk.

Contact and Availability

The team are available Monday to Friday: 08:30—17:00

The team are available Monday to Friday: 08:30—17:00

Longhill Health Care Centre
162 - 164 Shannon Road
HU8 9RW 
Telephone: 01482 247111