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Lower Limb Service

Hull University Teaching Hospitals (HUTH) NHS Trust and City Health Care Partnership CIC (CHCP) are working together to ensure that anyone with a wound or a break to the skin below their knee is assessed, treated and referred to specialist services quickly and easily.

This service is known as the Hull and East Riding Accelerated Lower Limb (HEAL) Service

When you have a wound or break to the skin below your knee it is essential to get the right care and treatment at the right time from the right people.

A wound or break to your skin below the knee may stop you doing some of the things you love.  Some wounds need extra treatment to heal so it's important to seek advice as soon as you notice a problem. 

You can contact CHCP Care Coordination Hub directly on 01482 247111 to arrange an appointment to be seen.  You do not need to see your GP first.

First Assessment

At the first assessment clinic our highly trained team will assess you, your leg or foot, and your wound.  If the wound is below your ankle you will be seen by a Podiatrist who is a specially trained to look after feet.  If the wound is on or above your ankle you will be seen by a specialist Nurse.

The assessment will include a review of your past medical history, assessment of the circulation in your lower leg and pictures of your wound will be taken.  It is important that you allow 60 – 90 minutes for the assessment to take place.

During the assessment you will have chance to discuss any concerns you may have and the staff will be able to answer your questions.  The staff will also discuss with you how you may be able to care for your wound at home to prevent any needless trips to the Treatment Room.  The staff will ensure that you have everything you need to do this safely including providing you with dressings and the contact details of who to contact should you have any problems or worries.

More information about looking after your wound can be found here.

Even if you are able to care for your wound yourself you will be reviewed regularly by the team. You will be told when you next appointment and review will be at the first assessment.

At the end of the first assessment the staff will discuss with you what they have found and what will happen next. This may involve the need to wear compression stockings or bandages and/or a referral to the hospital for further investigation and treatment.  

Hospital Appointments

If an appointment at the hospital is arranged it may include an ultrasound examination of your leg and further investigations where needed.  You will be seen by a doctor or nurse who are specially trained to look after wounds to the lower leg. They will be able to tell you exactly what and where the problem is and the treatments available to improve your wound healing.  The hospital team will be able to answer any questions you may have and reassure you about the treatments available.

Even if your wound is healing well, you’ll remain under the care of the HEAL Service. You will be seen regularly and told who to contact in the team should you need to.

When your wound is healed you may need to come back to see the team from time to time but this will all be explained to you at the time.