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The nurse went through everything with me, including diet, a lot of useful information about my condition, and how I should act if i have some reactions.


Anticoagulation, June 2020

My daughter had an accident which resulted in a fractured shoulder, the nurse Kerry was fantastic as it could have been a very scary experience with the PPE for an 8 year old but she instantly put my daughter at ease.



Bridlington UTC, June 2020

Lindsey was very cheerful and made me feel at ease. I didn't know where to turn to and now i have more confidence in my caring role and she has helped me to see who I am! Thank you so much for all your support. A* service.

Carer's Information and Support Service, May 2022

I always feel at ease with the people I talk to and visit - Sean, Jessica, Gemma, Natalie and Lynn. Everyone is so kind and genuinely wants to help; Evolve was and is a lifeline to me.


Evolve - Hull Community Eating Disorder Service, January 2021

Learnt so much this week and the staff were very understanding



Evolve - Hull Community Eating Disorder Service, March 2021

Although the visit was via video call and not in person, it was great that the Health Visitor was still available to check in with me and make sure both myself and my baby are doing well during lockdown.


Health Visiting, June 2020

What I really liked was that I was taken seriously with my issues. My therapist talked to me in a calm and comforting manner. I cannot think of any improvements. I recommend this therapy to anyone.


Let's Talk, June 2020

Such pleasant people who took care in looking after your health, making you think you were the only person they had seen. All excellent carers, nurses and medical staff. One exception who stood out to us was Zoe, such a delighful person it was a pleasure to go back.

Podiatry Service, September 2019

Holly was excellent; very clear and comprehensive. Good supportive attitude, very impressed.

Podiatry Service, September 2019

Excellent service, puts you at ease if you are feeling nervous about your feet. I must say, Caroline is so good and kind, I never felt a thing. Your feet feel so good after treatment.

Podiatry Service, September 2019

I had nail surgery at Manor Road - Andrew and his assistant were very professional, they were also respectful and offered reassurance. I was very impressed by you employees by your employees and would like them to be acknowledged for their excellent skills.

Podiatry Service, September 2019

My time with cardio physio has been brilliant. Considering the Covid-19 situation. They really handled everything very well. Big shout out to Emily who has been absolutely brilliant!

Cardiac Rehabilitation, July 2021

The cardiac rehab nurse could not be any more helpful or informative about my condition. She ran through all my medications with me and put me on the straight and narrow about my diet and lifestyle. I feel there is no improvement needed as your service is first class.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

I had a telephone consultation. Very informative, received good advice, particularly how my medication works, its side-effects and advice on a diet, and how can improve health problems I have.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

I felt a lot better when I had somebody was behind me. I am not having wetting episodes as I was, getting up only once now during the night making me feel less tired in the daytime.

Bladder and Bowel Health

The service was excellent! Everyone was friendly. I was put at ease in an embarrassing situation.

Bladder and Bowel Health, 2021

The specialist nurse I saw in person was welcoming, easy to talk to and sympathetic, in addition to her professionalism. She listened to my explanation of symptoms. The diagnostic tests she then carried out gave her and me further insight and allowed her to make some useful suggestions. She wrote to my GP immediately to suggest a change in medication and I hope to see some benefit from this. For me the visit was reassuring and encouraging and I look forward to my follow-up visit.

Bladder and Bowel Health

Everything about the consultation was very clear, precise and helpful. Explained in a way that was easy to understand. It was very friendly and informative. I also found it very helpful. Thank you!

Pulmonary Rehab (Hull)

These activities helped me to kick-start my body and try to do more things both inside and outside the house.

Pulmonary Rehab (Hull)

I found the rehab very beneficial, with instructions on exercises explained very well. I had a chest infection at the start of rehab but the physios managed my exercises to still help me. Also, it has got me being more into exercise. Very good!

Pulmonary Rehab (Hull)

Dave was very informative and took time to explain everything and answer any questions I had. The Carers support service is invaluable. Just knowing the support is there especially in an emergency is extremely reassuring. Thank you all!

Carer's Information and Support Service, May 2022

The support from Michelle was always very friendly, honest and open. She has offered excellent help and support throughout our calls.

Carer's Information and Support Service, April 2022