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Marie is now making a difference in her new role

25 August, 2017

Say hello to Marie Walker, the Principal Podiatrist Diabetes/ AHP Lead Profession and acting Hull Podiatry Team Lead at CHCP in Hull.  Since making the change to CHCP, Marie has particularly noticed CHCP’s drive to constantly and primarily improve service delivery; we spoke to Marie about this and her experiences of working with us.

What have been the benefits in choosing a career at CHCP?

“CHCP are a very forward thinking company. They are constantly improving service delivery and development, all whilst maintaining excellent levels of care for patients.

Another great thing about CHCP, is the use of all the latest technology – phones, laptops etc. This is to primarily improve service delivery and patient care, which to me is a huge benefit.”

How has working at CHCP helped you to develop and progress?

“CHCP are really open to new ideas, and listen to staff suggestions. The organisation as a whole is always striving to constantly improve services, so take on board any ideas and most importantly, they action them.”

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