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Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists (OTs) help people develop a personally satisfying routine of everyday activities that creates a sense of purpose and direction. They will support you to do activities that provide enjoyment and support health and wellbeing by balancing self-care, productivity and leisure.

Specialist Dietitian

Registered dietitians are specialists in providing nutritional assessment and are able to communicate the latest nutritional information in a practical way, providing accurate and relevant information to promote nutritional wellbeing. Dietitians work as part of the eating disorder team so that nutritional education and intervention are part of your treatment plan. They will work with you to gain confidence in making changes to your diet and eating disorder behaviours.


The psychiatrist will oversee your physical health and monitor the impact that an eating disorder may have on this. The psychiatrist will be able to advise on medications which may help you in your recovery. The psychiatrist will also be able to support with diagnosis and advise on application of the Mental Health Act.


A psychologist will look specifically at your thoughts and behaviours in relation to your eating disorder. You may see the psychologist on your own or with your family members if appropriate.

Support Workers

Support workers offer support in all aspects of your treatment. This can be through intensive home treatment, behavioural activation, graded exposure, regular meal support, and support to engage in social activities, education and work.

Eating Disorder Practitioners

An eating disorder practitioner is a registered healthcare professional (e.g. social worker, mental health nurse) who will undertake your initial eating disorder assessment and plan your individualised treatment. They will take the role as your keyworker co-ordinating your eating disorder treatment and provide evidence-based treatments which may be individual or group therapy, in a variety of treatment settings.

Eating Disorder Family Practitioner

An eating disorder family practitioner will work specifically with you and your loved ones to think about how these relationships can best help you in your eating disorder recovery journey.

Administrative and Reception Team

Our experienced admin and reception team are the first point of contact to the service. They support the effective running of the service and are able to help you with non-clinical advice and information.