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Eating Disorder Practitioners

Our Eating Disorder Practitioners have professional backgrounds in mental health nursing, social work and occupational therapy.

We provide an initial eating disorder assessment, then plan and provide tailored treatments.  Treatments may take the form of individual, group sessions or therapies in a variety of settings. 

We consider all a client's needs, promoting positive mental and physical health.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps people to participate in meaningful and purposeful activities in daily life. An individual’s “occupation” is any activity that occupies their time.

When someone struggles with an eating disorder, their previous healthy roles and interests fade, leaving the eating disorder and the behaviours that go with it as the most important occupation. We help people with eating disorders get back to healthy activities and to regain balance.

We provide assessments and use real life activities as therapy in group or individual sessions including:

  • planning and preparing meals
  • learning, developing and practising leisure interests and hobbies
  • group social interaction
  • creative media to build skills and explore issues
  • life skills and time management skills
  • assertiveness skills
  • coping skills for food/clothing shopping
  • graded exposure to feared activities such as social eating
  • relaxation techniques

Dietitians and Dietetic Assistants

Dietitians provide nutrition support and education as part of wider treatment plans. We also work with clients to support and give them confidence to make changes to diet and weight.

We can work with individuals or groups on nutrition and on education, meal planning, meal preparation, social eating, and meal support.

Support Time & Recovery (STR) Workers 

STR Workers offer support in all aspects of a clients' treatment. This can be in the form of intensive home treatment, behavioural activation, graded exposure, regular meal support and support to engage in social activities, education and work.

Counselling Psychologist & Family Therapist

We have access to a Counselling Psychologist & Family Therapist who works with families affected by experience of eating disorders.  They may work with you and your family to improve relationships to help you to overcome your eating disorder.


Our Assistant Psychologist provides support including:

  • psychological assessments
  • an understanding of a person's current psychological issues
  • group-based psychological sessions, focusing on topics like anxiety management and perfectionism