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Lymphoedema service

The Community Lymphoedema Service is based at Bransholme Health Centre and Elliott Chappell Health Centre for patients with a non cancer cause of lymphoedema. Home visit appointments are available for housebound patients.

The team consists of a Clinical Team Leader, a Nurse Practitioner and Assistant Practitioners who have specialist knowledge and experience in the assessment and delivery of holistic lymphoedema care. The team works closely with Community Nurse’s, GP’s, Treatment Room Nurses, and other Allied Health Professionals.

Aims of Service

  • A high quality, holistic, evidence-based service for non-cancer adult patients providing equitable, effective, efficient and  responsive care that contributes to patients’  health and wellbeing 
  • Safe, appropriate and timely assessment  in the community, making it easier for patients to self-manage their condition 
  • Prevention of unnecessary hospital admissions relating to lymphoedema 
  • Patient and referrer satisfaction

Referral to the service

Referrals are accepted by referral form only. GP’s with access to System 1 are to refer by Choose and Book E referral and other referrers to fax completed referral form to Care Coordination Centre 247111. Referral forms are available on the GP Portal and via the Lymphoedema Clinic. All referrals must have referral form completed in full so as not to delay assessment. Incomplete referrals will be returned to sender.

Criteria for acceptance 

  • Patients aged 18 or over 
  • Patients registered with a Hull GP 
  • Patients who have any heart, lung, liver or kidney condition must be investigated to establish the cause of their oedema 
  • Patients with limb swelling must have DVT, arthritis, Baker’s cyst and lymphatic or vascular obstruction will be excluded.
  • All patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or over require referral to appropriate weight management services.
  • Chronic oedema secondary to obesity – to be referred to weight management service

Expected Service Outcomes

  • Holistically optimise patient’s physical, psychological and social wellbeing
  • Prevent complications and reduce hospital admissions, enabling patients to remain active both at home and in the community
  • Improve access and commencement of appropriate treatment
  • Improve patient outcomes and self-management.
  • Signpost and refer the patient to other health and social care teams as appropriate
  • Advice for patients, carers and relatives
  • Increase awareness of lymphoedema across the CCG.

Contact and availability

The service is available Monday – Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm excluding Bank Holidays,

For Lymphoedema Service enquiries – please contact 01482 247111 and select Lymphoedema option.