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Specialist Diabetes Service (East Riding)

Our Diabetes Specialist Dietitians and Diabetes Specialist Nurses work closely with Consultants to help improve glycaemic (blood glucose) control.

We educate patients about their diabetes, what affects their glucose control and how their medications and/insulins work. We also support lifestyle changes to help with weight problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood glucose levels out of target. This helps to improve day to day wellbeing, general health and diabetes control by helping the patient to manage their condition.

Structured Education Programmes (Living with Diabetes and DAFNE Training) are offered across the East Riding at various venues.

We provide support for patients aged 18 and over with an East Riding GP:

  • Insulin initiation and any insulin changes (dose adjustments or changes to insulin types)
  • Modifying/reviewing medication and insulin regimes for those with poor glycaemic control (this may include those with glycaemic control that is too tight)
  • GLP-1 initiation and management for individuals
  • Individuals requiring carbohydrate counting
  • Individuals on insulin wishing to lose or gain weight5r5
  • Recent hospital admissions due to poor glycaemic control, hypoglycaemia, DKA
  • Patients on triple therapy whose control remains poor

The service does not include:

  • Patients under 18 with diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Patients using insulin pumps