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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a simple practice which encourages individuals to be in the present moment. Therefore it is not about thinking about yesterday, or thinking about tomorrow. Instead it is thinking about the present moment of the here and now. Mindfulness is a practice which encourages individuals to get in touch with their senses and to notice their thoughts. The theory of mindfulness is simple however because it is a different way of thinking it takes a lot of practice.

A mindfulness session will introduce mindfulness techniques and increase individuals’ awareness of their own day to day patterns and behaviours through promoting their own mental health and wellbeing.

Our aims

  • Define what mindfulness is
  • Understanding the rationales behind mindfulness
  • Gain knowledge and understanding on how to practice mindfulness in your day to day life
  • Define 'autopilot' behaviour
  • Understand the negative impact of 'autopilot' behaviours and actions
  • Learn mindfulness techniques
  • Gain work-life balance through engaging in activities
  • Promote mental health services available

Individual benefits

  • Maintaining own mental health
  • Promote mental wellbeing
  • Increase staff morale and communication (e.g. through 'buddy system’)
  • Increase productivity
  • Learn mindfulness techniques
  • Gain knowledge of the benefits of mindfulness

Further Support

The Psychological Wellbeing Team Hull offer a series of one to one sessions, for people who are suffering from symptoms of Anxiety and Depression and Stress. If you feel that you would benefit from these sessions contact the number opposite.