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Systematic Therapy

Our trained and qualified staff, in discussion with you, will decide which treatment will work best for you and your problems. You’ll find we’re sympathetic, understanding, positive and practical. We work with all kinds of people from all walks of life and we have the experience to help you.

Working systematically with families, couples and individuals

This approach aims to provide a safe space for you to talk together with your family in confidence about your concerns. Sometimes when communication has become difficult it may be useful to talk with someone who is outside of your family and independent. We hope to support you to identify the changes you may wish to make.
Our meaning of family refers to many different forms of committed relationships and describes any group of people who nurture each other emotionally or physically.

What is involved?

All those present have a conversation with the therapist whilst other team members listen. At negotiated intervals, the team has a conversation about what they have heard in a respectful and non-judgmental way which is supportive of all parties. Following this, clients are invited by the therapists to comment on the listening teams reflections. Sessions last up to 60 minutes. Although this way of talking may initially feel strange, reflective practice can be a very useful therapeutic way of working.
We offer an initial meeting with the team to explore if this approach would meet your needs. This is an alternative approach to one-to-one therapeutic sessions. At any point during your sessions together, we decide that this approach Is no longer helpful we commit to support you in identifying your next steps.