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Support Time Recovery Team

Support Time and Recovery (STR) workers work closely with individual patients to create an agreed treatment plan to explore the impact of their mental health problem on their activity levels within work, leisure and self-care within a face to face and group setting.

A variety of approaches are used to help overcome identified problems including:

Graded Exposure provided to assist people to become more comfortable in anxiety provoking situations

Behavioural Activation

Support to help complete identified and agreed social activities. This involves practical support such as accompanying patients to activities, help with developing routines and advice on behaviour change.

Confidence Building

Through setting goals and positive thinking

Therapeutic Groups

Patients can be referred to a variety of groups within the service, including the allotment, men need sheds (a group for isolated older men), behavioural activation, employment and volunteer group, raising self esteem and managing emotional eating problems.

Additional Info

STR workers support patients who are already engaged in therapy within the service but need extra guidance in order to achieve their goals. This will include:-

  • Promoting independent living within the community
  • Supporting patients with involvement/participation in their treatment
  • Facilitating groups and supporting patients to attend.
  • Developing rapport based upon companionship in order to provide regular and practical support.
  • Using specific interventions within a community environment including; graded exposure and behavioural activation.