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Stress Control

What is Stress Control?

Stress Control is a psycho-education course, based upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which teaches about stress and strategies for coping with it.

The course mainly focuses upon anxiety and depression, and looks at how such
problems can develop into something that significantly affects a person’s quality of life. Each session will also emphasise and outline interventions for dealing with stress; offering insight and tools for people to help themselves.


  • Define what stress, anxiety and depression are
  • De-stigmatise, explain, and normalise common mental health problems
  • Educate attendees regarding support available for stress and other mental health problems
  • Teach evidence-based interventions for stress, depression and anxiety

Individual benefits

  • Reduction in symptoms relating to stress, depression and anxiety
  • Reducing avoidance of anxiety-provoking situations
  • Increasing meaningful activity
  • Increasing awareness of, and changing, unhelpful thinking styles
  • Improving sleep hygiene
  • Being signposted for further support and self-help