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Dental Practices open their doors for new patients

23 March, 2011

Eight dental practices in Hull City Centre, Bridlington, Beverley, Goole, Withernsea, Pocklington, Driffield and Hornsea are now opening their doors to new NHS patients.

The practices provide a full range of dental services to patients, from simple check-ups or cleaning, right up to more complex treatments.

Denise Brindle, Dental Services Manager at City Health Care Partnership CIC said: “All eight practices are now open for NHS patients to sign up to. They are based in some fantastic locations that are easy to access and convenient, making it much easier for people to pop in, without it taking up a lot of their time.

The Hull practice particularly will be fantastic for people who work in the city centre and struggle to get to a dentist in working hours, as they can book an appointment on their lunch break or even on their way home.

Many people still perceive these practices, particularly the one on Jameson Street in Hull as only offering emergency care, so we are looking to tell the public that the doors are open for business. By offering access to routine appointments across all eight practices we can offer the patient more choice in terms of where and how they choose to access treatment. Our aim is to encourage local people to visit the dentist regularly for check-ups so that we can prevent long term problems, reminding them that they shouldn’t just visit the dentist when they have toothache.”

To register for dental care, please contact the following numbers or visit All eight practices will also accept private patients. If you wish to be treated privately, please specify this when you contact the practice.

Hull City Centre
71-75 Jameson Street
Tel: 01482 336000

Bridlington Hospital
Bessingby Road
Y016 4AP
Tel: 01262 423164

Beverley Health Centre
Manor Road
HU17 7BZ
Tel: 01482 677612

Goole Health Centre
Woodlands Avenue
DN14 6RU
Tel: 01405 608200

Withernsea Hospital
Queen Street
HU19 2QB
Tel: 01964 614420

14 Market Place
YO42 2AR
Tel: 01759 448300

8 Market Place
YO25 6AP
Tel: 01377 208360

Alison Dickson’s Practice
9 Cliff Road
HU18 1LL
Tel: 01964 535158